Accommodation Recommendations

Conference fee does not include the accommodation. All participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements. We recommend to arrange the accommodation in advance. Below you can find some recommendations that are nearby university campus.

The Academy Hall

The Academy Hall (“AH”) is situated in the university building “Z”, in the city district called Černá Pole. The hall is 1 km far from the university grounds (2 tram stops). 

The Academy Hall offers Rector's room. All rooms are double and breakfast exclusive, but there is a small buffet in the ground floor. It is in walking distance from the university and about 20-25 min by tram to the city centre where the bus terminal is located as well.



Amphone Hotel & Restaurant

Amphone hotel is situated almost in the city centre in a walking distance from the University - see the map

Hotel Europa 

Hotel Europa is situated almost in the city centre in a walking distance from the University - see the map.

Hotel Bobycentrum

Hotel Bobycentrum is in a walking distance from the University (app 10 minutes), 20 min to the city centre see the map


Offers comfortable accomodation not far from the city centre in the pleasant environment of a four-star hotel. See the map.

Vila Schodová

Easy accommodation in a villa close to Luzanky park – ca. 2 min walking to the faculty, around 20 min walking to the centre, on the top of famous street called Stairs street (going down directly to the park Luzanky). See the map

Important Dates

  • 29.01.2023 Standard Registration Deadline
  • 31.01.2023 Standard Paper Submission Deadline
  • 06.02.2023 Standard Acceptance
  • 13.02.2023 Standard Payment
  • 23.- 24.3.2023 The Conference